Persimmon Muffins, 2 Ways

Two ways to make Persimmon Muffins with Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran Muffin Mix.

I got a shipment of Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran Muffin Mix recently.  And picked up 3 pounds of persimmons from the Farmer’s Market.  I don’t ever buy the Hachiya ones, since I have zero patience to wait for them to ripen.  These are the Fuyu variety, which you can eat firm – like an apple!

Fuyu Persimmons

Bob's Red Mill Muffin Mix

The Oat Bran Muffin Mix comes without sweetener/oil/eggs – I used the package directions but replaced the recommended honey/molasses with equal parts brown sugar, and added chopped fruit.


Persimmon Muffins

This made a very hearty, not-too-sweet dozen.  I studded the tops with little orange jewels so everyone knew what was inside.

Persimmon Muffins

Persimmon Muffins

There was still mix in the bag.  (I wonder why they don’t just use the amount for 12?!?)  I didn’t have enough brain power last Sunday to figure out the ratios for a smaller batch, so I experimented.

Bob's Red Mill Muffin Mix

This is 1 cup of the leftover muffin mix, 2 TB NuStevia Simple Syrup, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup Nonfat Plain Yogurt, and 1 egg.

Persimmon Muffins

More Persimmons.

Persimmon Muffins

Obviously, the first batch was our preferred one – a little more moist + sweet…
Persimmon Muffins Persimmon Muffins

….but surprisingly, the no oil/sugar version turned out pretty good too!

Persimmon Muffins

I didn’t write up a recipe for this, since it’s mostly just following box directions.  But for more doctored up treats, check out my recipes on Yummly, and use the Yum Button to quickly pin future recipes.


5 thoughts on “Persimmon Muffins, 2 Ways

  1. Jessie Oleson Moore

    These look awesome! I have not seen that mix before but it looks and sounds great. The persimmons are such a pretty, jewel-like touch.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet

      Thanks, Jessie! It’s funny – last night I kept calling “persimmons” “pomegranates” – and I think of Pomegranates as jewels….

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