Last-Minute Halloween

Last-Minute Halloween – Easy recipes for those of you who don’t plan, like me.

I’ll be honest.  I’d be perfectly content just unwrapping my favorite Trick-or-Treat candies and shoving them into my mouth as Halloween breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, or dessert.  But some people need more than that.  So here are some ideas for quick and easy recipes that will please everyone for a last-minute Halloween.

Vegan Poke Cake

Cake Mix Stuffed Cookie

More Halloween inspiration from around the web on my Pinterest Page; I went down a little bit of a hole…


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  1. Courtney Hong

    i was thinking of your cake mix cookies recipe yesterday when i went to a haggen supermarket that was closing and saw a bunch of box cake mixes on sale. didn’t get any mixes, but will have to try your recipe soon!

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