Oatmeal Ideas for National Oatmeal Day

Celebrating National Oatmeal Day with lots of Oatmeal Ideas.

National Oatmeal Day is Thursday, October 29th.  Gotta celebrate this one.  Oats are the greatest food – I grew up eating them (and not loving them, I must admit).  Now they are probably my most often bought pantry staple.  I mean, from my Oatmeal du Jour series…

Oatmeal Ice Cream

Oatmeal Ice Cream

Loquat Oatmeal

Loquat Oatmeal with Lemon Zest

…to my summer breakfast go-to, Oats in a Jar…

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt Parfait with Peaches

…oats are what I eat the most, second to melons.  My mom digs it, too.

Video: Banana Oatmeal – Basica Recipe Your Mom Will Like

I love them baked, in cookies, bars, granola, and even in beer milkshakes.  And I don’t even drink beer.  I love how they add a thickness and richness to beverages, like smoothies.  I need to figure out more ways to eat them savory.  Perhaps with soy sauce, kimchi or sriracha, and a runny, fried egg?

Oatmeal Stout Milkshake

Oatmeal Stout Milkshake

I’ve even sang with The Quaker Oats Man, from my movie White on Rice!  Happy National Oatmeal Day!

Video: White on Rice Bonus Scene


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