Milk Jar Cookies – Best Cookies in Los Angeles

Milk Jar Cookies has been on my radar for a while now.  Joy Cho loves ’em, and so do Kelly from Studio DIY and Dawn McCoy.  Everyone says they have some of the best cookies in Los Angeles.  I’ve driven by a million times but finally stopped in to make a video for my YouTube Channel, with a video from the owner to check out the goods.

Milk Jar Cookies

Owner Courtney Cowan is a baking Goddess who traded show biz for the cookie biz.

Milk Jar Cookies

Mad respect.
S'mores Cookies

The menu has seasonal specials.

Milk Jar Cookies

These orange, brown, and yellow sprinkles are perfect for fall!

Milk Jar Cookies

There are also classic comforts.  This is pretty much chocolate chip cookie perfection.

Chocolate Chip Cookeis

They also have sandwiches, made with Fosselman’s Ice Cream.
Fosselman's Ice Cream

You can get cookies delivered locally WITH MILK…

Milk Jar Cookies

…or shipped anywhere in the U.S.  I got this box as a gift for free.

Milk Jar Cookies Milk Jar Cookies

Psssst – Cookie of the Month Club for Christmas, please.  Thank you.

Milk Jar Cookies

UPDATE: Here’s the video!  I have eaten so many of their treats since I first went there, and I can say with confidence they are definitely one of the best cookies in Los Angeles.  Not only that, but the owner, Courtney Cowan, is one of the coolest and nicest ladies ever.

Video: Milk Jar Cookies – Lessons From a Master


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