FLOR Carpet Squares: I Put a Rug in My Kitchen

Using FLOR Carpet Squares to add a rug to my kitchen.

Remember my experience with FLOR Design Challenge?   FLOR Carpet Squares is sending me some samples to try.  If you’re very noncommittal about decorating like I am, and have oddly-shaped spaces to fill, it’s a really cool option.

They arrive in super heavy boxes.  They fill each one with squares of carpet.


You arrange the pattern you want (like a puzzle) on your floor.  I put ours in the kitchen.  Everyone keeps saying “Why are you putting a rug in the kitchen?” while I install it.


My answers are: Julius LOVES lying on it, I’d rather vacuum than mop, and you can easily remove one of the squares to wash if need be.


Update – I wind up taking the carpet squares up because Julius’ hair gets all over it.  Constantly.  But in other Julius carpet news, he had a few accidents on our neighbors’ FLOR carpeting while he is stays with them.  The best part is we just order them a couple new squares instead of having to get the whole thing professionally cleaned.


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