Pressed Juicery Freeze – Soft Serve Juice

Pressed Juicery Freeze is green juice in frozen dessert form.

I am going to talk about the weather.  It’s very very very very warm.  I am getting some Pressed Juicery Freeze while at The Americana at Brand.  It’s soft serve juice.  Is your mind exploding?  I’ll give you a second or two.

one. two.

Yes. You can get your kale and parsley and other green things in this delightful form.

Pressed Juicery Freeze

I couldn’t really do a WHOLE CUP of greens.  C’mon now.  Chocolate for me – made from cacao, almonds, dates, vanilla bean and sea salt.

Pressed Juicery Freeze

Here are the topping choices – I went with fruit but Abe got some almond butter on his…

Pressed Juicery Freeze

…it’s yummy (as in all-natural-grind-that-nut-butter-yourself-yummy and if you don’t like that kinda yummy you won’t like this) but I don’t think it looks so pretty.
Pressed Juicery Freeze


Pressed Juicery Freeze

Tis a shame I live within walking distance of one (on Larchmont) that doesn’t have these (or their delectable smoothies).  I wonder if I should start a petition?


5 thoughts on “Pressed Juicery Freeze – Soft Serve Juice

  1. Allie @ sweetpotatobites

    I’ve been living off the pressed juicery freezes as an attempt to deal with this heat! You should try the cacao drizzle too- super tasty.

  2. Alissa

    Yum! I have been making coconut/peach soft serve a lot recently…coconut milk + peaches + vanilla + sweetener of your choice (I used coconut sugar, impulse purchase from WF ;p) whizzed in food processor till smooth and some air is incorporated, then frozen. Best eaten soon afterward, or taken out of freezer a few minutes prior to eating.

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