Filipino Breakfast

This is a hosted meal.

I took over the Eastside Food Fest Instagram Account yesterday!  One of my favorites who will be at the Festival is Leelin Bakery.  I was invited to have a Filipino breakfast at their Eagle Rock location, where they have a Turo Turo style cafe.



“Turo Turo” means “point point” in Tagalog – and that’s what you do – point out what you want.


Nastassia Johnson, Zach Brooks, and I kept our fingers at our sides and were brought our food, since we were dining with President Menard Leelin.


Tapsilog (beef), Tosilog (pork) and Longsilog (sausage)…


…all served with tomato, Garlic Fried Rice, and an egg.



More meat – corned beef with potatoes, pork adobo, and a ground beef dish that reminded me of bolognese sauce…

…dipped in Banana Ketchup.  It’s bananas, of course.

I was really confused and delighted by the two rice porridges brought to the table…


…especially the Chocolate one…


…which you eat with dried, crunchy fish.  Salted Caramel fans, put this on your to-eat list!


The plain version reminded me a lot of Xifan (Chinese Congee)…


…and this Tofu with Syrup definitely brought me to my dessert roots (except they added Tapioca on top).

I feel like Leelin especially excels in their baked goods…


…especially this Pandesal, which I could have eaten a dozen of.  (And I will, since they gifted us packages to bring home.)


Our final treat were deep fried bananas/sweet potatoes…


…extra crispy from a sugary glaze!


Such a fun morning immersing in Filipino culture.  By the way, Eagle Rock Plaza is kinda amazing to explore on its own too.


5 thoughts on “Filipino Breakfast

  1. Courtney Hong

    was in fullerton on saturday for a few hours from san diego and really wanted to visit leelin bakery in cerritos for the first time, but we were on a time crunch so did not get to go. the only filipino place i know of around where we live serves halo halo only when it is super hot (as it has been) but the one we tried does not look as good as the one from leelin you posted about awhile ago.

  2. Romina Cunanan

    Tapsilog is the greatest Filipino breakfast ever! Next time try to flavor your champorado (the chocolate rice pudding thing) with condensed milk instead of the regular milk and sugar. Makes it creamier and sweeter all in one go 🙂

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