Roy Choi’s Avocado Toast

Even though Avocado Toast is so easy to make at home, I kind of love watching how chefs interpret this humble dish.  We are lucky enough to see my 45th podcast guest Roy Choi’s Avocado Toast demo at LA Time’s The Taste.  The place is packed!

Roy Choi

Roy’s version includes mixing goat cheese and green chiles into the avocado then smearing it on some bread.  Spicy and cooling at the same time from the creaminess of the avocado and cheese.

Avocado Toast

I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I know it’s on the menu at his restaurant The Commissary (one of my favorite place) right now.  There, they will serve if with a runny, soft boiled egg like this, or with salmon.  I love the idea of eating this for breakfast.

Avocado Toast

When his demo was over, he lets people have some of the avocado toast.  People descend upon it like vultures!  We manage to snap this photo before it gets completely destroyed.  I’m such a super fan of Roy’s; I’m not the only one.  He is truly the coolest, and the audience just loves him.  His food is uncomplicated yet bold, kinda like Roy Choi himself.