The Pros/Cons of Snapchat

I am very reluctant to add yet another app to my iPhone, which is already constantly reminding me that I’m running out of space.  Snapchat’s on my radar for a while now (ever since Abe did a BuzzFeed video with Snapchat Star Shonduras) but I resist.  Until Dan (aka Dan) convinces me I needed to give it a shot while we working on Lynn Chen Bites: Taiwan together.  It takes me a few days to figure it out, but now I kinda love it.

Lynn Chen Snapchat

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be blogging (obviously) and using my Facebook/Twitter and Instagram, but this app comes in really handy at LA Food & Wine (and Abe is filming me).  It also is useful while I’m at home visiting my family in NJ, when I don’t really have time to do computer work.

I love that I can share what is going on without worrying about clogging my feeds with multiple photos, or whether it is photogenic enough (since there’s no permanent record).  In addition, I appreciate the option to save certain Snapchats, which is exactly what I did when while visiting my Dad.
St. John the Divine Church As much as I’m enjoying the App, I also find it quite difficult to navigate.  I don’t like that you MUST know the exact Snapcode/username (mine is @MsLynnChen).  You shouldn’t have to be friends with someone already to find a new person to follow.  I also wish you can “like” people’s posts.  Or reply to them easily, without having to enter chat or take a photo/video.  I’d like to be able to tag others, and say where I am easily.  I don’t like that everything is vertical.  And most importantly – I hate how much battery life it eats up!

That all said, I’ll be snapping up a storm at The Taste LA this weekend.

UPDATE: Because of Snapchat’s racist Asian filters, I’m no longer using their App.