Grilled Pizza and a Vegan Feast

Grilled Pizza and a Vegan Feast for my family by chef Leslie Durso.

I’ve been wanting Leslie Durso to meet Abe’s family, The Greenwalds, for a while now.  So she is coming over this weekend and cooking for 10 of us.  First up, Grilled Pizza on the BBQ…IMG_8890

…I couldn’t believe how easy this is.  Amazing chewy, doughy crust with a perfect simple sauce – the full recipe and video are both up on Leslie’s site.IMG_8891 Probably the first time an all-vegan dinner is happening at this table?  Everything is devoured, from the gorgeous Pear/Apple/Raisin/Shallot/Floral Salad… IMG_8900 …to the Sautéed Chard – half of which is grown in Leslie’s Garden. DSCN1882 DSCN1884 An impromptu Caponata – fried eggplant, blistered tomatoes, capers, green olives, fresh parsley and basil… DSCN1885 DSCN1896 …a Lasagna layered with Cashew Basil Cream and a Nut/Tofu filling… DSCN1890 We wind up eating most of the meal, but use the leftover Tomato Sauce/Cashew Basil Cream for Italian Nachos.


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