Podcast 53 – David (my father-in-law)

He’s been on the blog forever; you’ve seen us eat everywhere from South Dakota to New Orleans.  You’ve even seen him get married!  Now, you can finally listen to my father-in-law, David on the latest episode of The Actor’s Diet Podcast.  For years, David has had a huge impact on my taste in food.  He is currently on the Dean Ornish Diet, so of course we talk a lot about that, in addition to where to eat in Philadelphia, where he lives.

Here he is in Scotland – being adorable.  He took a bunch of photos of his food (afternoon tea and a Sticky Toffee Pudding) and texted them to me!

podcast interview

Show Notes:

  • Road Food by Jane and Michael Stern
  • Rendezvous in Memphis, Abe’s BBQ in Mississipi
  • His wife Wendy’s Salad Skills, and thoughts on Abe becoming a vegetarian
  • Places to eat in Philadelphia: Vedge,Hip City Veg, Jose Garces’ Restaurants, Marc Vetri’s Restaurants, Zama, Talula’s Table
  • Skyline’s Cincinnati Chili (and the David Greenwald version)

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