Fresh Mint Iced Tea and other Mint Recipes

Between Abe’s trip to China and our latest adventures in Taiwan, we’ve got a lot of stellar tea in the pantry.  I’ve been trying to figure out different mint recipes other than just using them as a garnish.  First up, I’m brewing up batches of THE BEST mint iced tea by combining 4 Tablespoons loose tea leaves with 4 cups of hot water.

Mint Tea

Let it steep for a few minutes, then pour out to remove most of the caffeine.  Add more hot water, fresh mint leaves and sit for 5 or more minutes, depending on how dark you like it, then strain and refrigerate, or serve immediately over many, many ice cubes.


With the leftover mint I made pesto – grab 3 handfuls, some Chili Lime Peanuts, about 1/3 cup Olive Oil, the zest/juice of a large lemon, and blend with splashes of water until it reaches the desired consistency.  It tastes good on thick toasted bread + tomato, but especially nice with pasta, corn, and lima beans.


A bunch of other Fresh Mint Recipe and ideas: Quinoa Salad, Sugar Scrub (for your skin), Cucumber Mojito, Limeade, Cucumber Salad, Ice Cream, and the Stone Fruit Panzanella I recently made.


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  1. wearenotmartha

    I’m pretty sure mint tea and pesto are two of my favorite things. So summery and lovely!


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