Taiwan Touched My Heart

My Trip to Taiwan, courtesy of The Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

When I posted this picture on my Facebook page less than a year ago with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau…

Taiwan Tourism Board…I hoped – but never really imagined it would come true!  Abe and I had been planning our own Thanksgiving visit to Taiwan when I got the invite – completely out of the blue – for this trip.

I’m so glad we wound up going in the summer; even though it was hot and humid (we had good luck with weather and mosquitos!) it reminded me of everything from my childhood, going with my parents and my brother to visit our family.

Chen Family Taiwan

I’m in the yellow dress.  Morgan is in the striped shirt.  My grandparents are behind me, and my Mom is behind my grandfather.  I’m guessing my father took the photo.

I felt my Dad’s presence everywhere – from the ubiquitous mopeds…


…to the street art


…even the random things that brought a smile to my face…





…including this box of cigarettes.   Even though he didn’t smoke.


The last time I was in Taiwan, 21 years ago, all I cared about food-wise was this…
McDonalds Taiwan

…now that I’m an adult, I can finally appreciate the food of my homeland.

Recap of my Taiwan Trip

Visit the hashtags #LynninTaiwan #ItsonTaiwan for photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Thank you so much to Taiwan Tourism Board for sponsoring this trip!

***UPDATE – You can watch my videos from Taiwan on my YouTube Page***


13 thoughts on “Taiwan Touched My Heart

  1. Leslie Durso

    This is beautiful and I’m so glad you got to take this trip! I have loved all the posts!

  2. Gail

    I was very touched by these posts and the tribute to your childhood and your father. Also, it looks like a great place to visit.

  3. Lez

    Beautiful post. Following your epic travels throughout Taiwan has certainly made me want to visit! Everything there looks gorgeous (oh, the food!). I’m happy that you were able to find a connection with Taiwan. <3

    Sidenote: The Pringles flavor is butter + soy sauce… how unique!

  4. Courtney Hong

    thanks for inviting us along on your trip and journey! it’s exciting that what you hoped for less than a year ago happened. how are those pringles? at first glance, i thought it was cheese and soy sauce. 😉

  5. Sandy Odea

    Massively enjoyed all your posts – love the intimate ones about your family to the eclectic ones showcasing beautiful Taiwanese dishes! I wish your trip was a whole month! Thanks for including us, Lynn! All the best! Xie Xie!!

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