Green Smoothie Bowls

Breakfast and a Movie: Green Smoothie Bowls and Can’t Buy Me Love.

Leslie Durso and I are starting a new thing – Breakfast and a Movie.  Green Smoothie Bowls are being made for a Can’t Buy Me Love screening at my house this morning.

Green Smoothie Bowls

Our inaugural event is held in honor of the late Amanda Peterson, who plays Cindy Mancini.  Gone too soon.

To represent the wine that spills all over Cindy’s suede outfit (and the milkshake she later dumps on Brent’s head)…

Can't Buy Me Love

…I decide to make a smoothie, using this Supergreens with Kale and Ginger Smoothie sample, from Sambazon.

Sambazon Supergreens

Blend the smoothie with a frozen banana and 3/4 cups of frozen mango.

Mango and Banana Green Smoothie

The kale turns it green (I want it to be purple/red like wine) but it is still delicious.  We serve them in bowls, with fresh peaches on top.  Leslie arranges them in a star shape because she is all fancy chef like that.
Green Smoothie Bowls

The thing with smoothie bowls is that you must eat them super fast, or they will melt and get too liquid-y.  They could also use some granola or nuts for a little bit of texture or crunch, but I don’t have any in the house right now.

What 80’s film should we watch next – and more importantly, what should we eat with it?!?


2 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Bowls

  1. k

    My husband and I just rewatched The Lost Boys a few nights ago. It’s still holds up pretty well, especially if you’re in the mood for a cheesy horror film. There’s so many great 80’s fashion moments in that movie too! I think the go to food with it would be classic Chinese-American takeout, a la the first scene that’s set in the abandoned hotel. That can totally be breakfast, right?

    1. Lynn Chen

      I love this idea! I haven’t seen Lost Boys since I was kid – but I remember there being MAGGOTS IN RICE so maybe I won’t be hungry by that scene…

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