How to Make Apple Pie in a Bag

Frito Pie fans, meet your favorite dessert: Apple Pie in a Bag.

Every now and then inspiration strikes in the most random places.  This one occurred while we are at a food event for Weber Grills at Popchips headquarters.  They give us apples, they give us sweet potato chips.  They give us sundae toppings.  Their recipe asks us to layer the apple slices and chips, but I’m thinking Apple Pie in a Bag!  It is my sweet take on the Frito Pie, with inspiration from PopChips’ newest flavor, Cinnamon Twist Sweet Potato (which won’t be in stores until September).  It’s the perfect dessert for grilling outdoors when you don’t have any tables or chairs to sit at.  You can just walk around and eat with your hands.

Apple Pie in a Bag

Apples and Popchips

You basically open a bag of chips – I think any sweet flavor would work.  There are some cinnamon sugar chips on the market – even a box of Animal Crackers will do!  Sprinkle the apple slices (I use Granny Smith) with some brown sugar and grill them on both sides until brown and caramelized.

Brown Sugar

Add the apples to the bag of sweet potato chips and top with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a little sprinkle of cinnamon.  Warning – they get messy!  But they’re so fun to eat – kind of like dessert nachos.

Video: Quick BBQ Dessert



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