Podcast 50 – Kulap Vilaysack (Who Charted?)

Can you believe it’s been 50 episodes of the podcast?  Can you believe it took me 49 tries to finally get two microphones to work simultaneously?!?  Well, thank you so much to everyone who continues to listen, despite the fact that I make it so unpleasant sometimes.  I don’t know who you are, but I see that there are thousands of you, so if you have time to reach out/say hi/write a review/rating, I think the 50th episode would be a wonderful occasion to do so!  Since I started with a Super Podcaster for Episode 1, I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate this momentous event with another Superstar in the Podcast World, Kulap Vilaysack from Who Charted?

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Hear me destroy the pronunciation of her name, discuss Body Image/Halloween candy/Lao Cuisine, all while eating Currant/Raisin Balls.  By the way, Kulap can be quite handy in the kitchen.  This is her Charcuterie Platter from Thanksgiving – we also discuss Nom Nom Paleo’s Spatchcock Turkey (they’ve got a new podcast too) that she made for the occasion.


Listen to the full episode here, or on iTunes/Stitcher.  Theme music by Goh Nakamura.

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