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A few months ago, Abe and I had a little scare.  I saw a black dot on his foot that wouldn’t go away, and googled it.  The first thing that came up is Foot Melanoma.

Now, this might be a blog post about why you shouldn’t self-diagnose diseases on the internet.  But it’s not.  It is, as the title suggests, my SPF Guide.

Continuing on…

Long story short, Abe does not have cancer.  But for a split second, the dermatologist is concerned, before he takes out a pin and bursts that black dot.

Yeah, it’s a blood blister.

MY POINT IS, in the days leading up to trying to find a doctor that will see us, worrying about whether I am going to be a widow before 40, etc. I vow to wear more sunscreen.  Everywhere.  Every day.  I mean, I live in Los Angeles.  So in the last few months, I’ve been doing just that.  And I noticed that it’s hard to stick to this routine, because SPF can be tricky.

I am doing the hard work for us.  Thanks, Abe’s foot!

Aveeno SPF

Above – Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion is what I use every day on my exposed hands/arms.  I pump some on right before I leave the house (note – the pump is almost impossible to open and I destroyed mine following the directions).

Below – Palmer’s Eventone.  I like singing Pearl Jam’s Even Flow while I do it.

Palmer's SPF

The face is tricky.  Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection Cream goes on like clown makeup and takes forever to rub in.  Neutrogena’s Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer is a little less thick, but it stings my eyes…


…which brings me to this product.  I actually tried a sample of SkinCeuticals Face SPF, but find the texture to be weird (it gets liquid-y/separated).  But they are one of the few companies who offer an Eye-Area SPF, which I’ve been using and have been happy with.


I sampled some Cotz while I was filming tinted moisturizer segments for Beauty Collection and went home with the Lip Balm, which gets a thumbs up…

Cotz Sunscreen

…but shockingly, this ChapStick (more BroOrange SWAG) is my favorite.  It’s super hydrating, comes in many yummy flavors, and works for a long time.  I actually wound up sharing all the extras with the Dying to Kill crew; everyone on set had a stick, it was kinda funny to see them all moisturizing their lips between takes.
Chapstick SPF

Abe bought this COOLA Lip Balm for his bike rides and loves it, I think it’s just all right…

Coola Lip Balm

…but I want to give major props to their Tinted Face Moisturizer, which is my latest obsession.  Every time I use it, I’m amazed how perfect it is.  It smells nice, is eco-friendly, evens out my tone so I don’t have to wear heavy foundation, feels light, and barely bothers my eyes (unless I’m wearing heavy mascara or doing a crying scene).

Coola Sunscreen

This moisturizer is actually the main reason I took the time to write this post, because I kept thinking, “I need to let the world know!”

But first, you had to get the full story as to why I appreciate it so much.

Now…next…I am going to be taking a trip this summer (will announce soon!) where there will be lots of mosquitos so I’ll be experimenting with repellants!  Though, I can’t really test that out in LA, since we don’t have any (yes, that is reason enough to move out here).   If anybody has favorites, please let me know – I really want it to feel okay on my skin, but most importantly, I need it to WORK.


6 thoughts on “My SPF Guide

  1. Viola Pastuszyn

    I used to use the Shiseido stuff and it was fantastic but holy ghost face, Batman! I now use the Olay Regenerist SF 50 on my face. I’ll check out the Aveeno for arms; they’re tougher and won’t be as susceptible to breaking out like every other sunscreen ever other than the two I just mentioned.

  2. Lez

    I alternate between Shiseido (I use both the liquid and creamy versions) when I know I’ll be exposed to killer sun rays like in tropical environment. On regular days, I use the COOLA — LOVE that stuff! I don’t user the tinted version, but maybe I should? Smells fantastic and moisturizes so well! It also doesn’t break me out, and sadly it’s so expensive.

  3. K

    Mosquitos love me for some reason, but I’ve found that the good old Avon Skin so soft oil really does help keep them at bay. I actually like mixing it half and half with Burts Bees lemongrass based bug repellant in a little spray bottle. The only reason why I mixed them in the first place was that I had received a sample size of the Burts Bees before a trip, and decided to top off the bottle of Avon stuff I had. It works though, and smells pretty good too.

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