National Hummus Day with Sabra

Celebrating National Hummus Day in partnership with Sabra Hummus.

Do you know that May 21st is National Hummus Day?

Sabra Hummus

I am sent some to celebrate.  Just “some.”

Sabra Hummus

I’ve said it before – Sabra is my favorite brand, and it’s not just because that’s all I see when I step into the kitchen.

My fridge, currently; not the hummus section at Ralph’s.

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We go through a container and a half a week. I do wind up sharing a lot of the wealth with friends.  But I think we’ll have no problem using up the rest of them… Sabra Hummus …especially since I use it almost daily as salad dressing… Hummus Salad …and am now OBSESSED with these guys.

There will be some recipes in the future too.  Thank you so much Sabra for making my house Hummus Heaven!

Full disclosure: I was sent these products by Sabra but am not being compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “National Hummus Day with Sabra

  1. April Cannon

    What do you do with the hummus to make it salad dressing? I saw another blogger mixed it with mustard and thought that sounded pretty tasty!

    1. Lynn Chen

      I have used it straight up, thinned it out with water or lemon juice, and also added it to mustard! I am thinking it might be good to add some pickle juice to it too, since I love pickles in my salad!

      1. April Cannon

        Thank you for all the ideas! I always buy a lot of hummus then get bored with it after a while. Pickle juice would be delicious!

  2. aj poeder

    Do you know who the joint owners of Sabra are? Pepsi co and Strauss Group. The Strauss Group financially backs Israeli miltant groups. Namely the Golani Brigade. The Golani brigade is responsible for countless acts of humans rights violations and genocide in the Gaza strip. Strauss brags about the affiliation on their own company website. This brand is being boycotted in top universities, women’s rights groups, and human rights activist orgs. across the world.

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