Me! Bath

Between all the makeup/blood on Dying to Kill…

Movie Makeup

…and special effects…

Meet my finger double! #DyingtoKill

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…I need to get CLEAN at the end of the day!
Me Bath

Ice Cream Collection in Target – they sent me some sweet body treats to try out…

Me Bath

…apparently, the only thing that will get out dried fake blood is Shower Sherbet (though men’s shaving cream is supposed to work, too).

Me Bath


6 thoughts on “Me! Bath

  1. Courtney Hong

    is your finger going to be cut off?? p.s. what’s your approach to using products (body as well as household) that don’t have questionable ingredients in them?

    1. Lynn Chen

      You’ll have to wait to til the movie comes out to see!!! Re: cleansing products – the more natural the better, but if it doesn’t work, I’d rather go with something chemical. It’s honestly not something I’m a stickler for.

  2. Lez

    I wonder if dried fake blood is anything like the long-lasting gel eyeliners… if so, I wonder if rubbing an oil-based liquid (ex: olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.) would help remove the dried product. So curious!

    1. Lynn Chen

      All of the fake bloods are different – depending on where they’re applying it, and all homemade too! Each one seems to require a different method of removal, and some are a lot more stubborn than others!

  3. carolynjung

    I remember getting my makeup done professionally for a high-def food TV pilot. I’ve never had so much makeup on in my life! And of course, they kept touching it up every 15 minutes. I think it took me washing my face four times when I got home to get it all off. I can’t even imagine how hard washing out “fake blood” would be. Boy, who knew makeup could be such hard work.

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