Audrey n Friends

I’m so grateful for a magazine like Audrey, which is filled with beauty tips, fashion, and familiar faces that look like mine.  It’s also the only publication on stands that I can open up and say – page after page – HEY I KNOW THAT PERSON!  Which is massively weird and amazing!

I’ve never had the pleasure of being introduced to the current cover girl

Audrey Magazine

…but I was thrilled to see my blogging buddy Joan Chen…

Joan Chen

Randall Park (I was actually on his couch when I discovered this article)…

Randall Park

…Anna Akana (who I presented an award to at SDAFF 2014)…


…Jessika Van (we ate at Trois Mec the same night!)…
Jessika Van

…and uh, OMG THAT’S ME!!!!  Wearing Michelle Hebert’s creation (that Brandy later borrowed/rocked) at the KoreAm Gala.

Lynn Chen

I briefly met Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon at Sam/John’s wedding and I was really touched to read this feature on her life with lupus – she has a blog where you can find out more.

Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon

There was even a familiar place between the pages – Tart/Farmer’s Daughter.

The Farmer's Daughter Hotel

P.S. Audrey Magazine’s 2015 Fashion Show is coming up soon – March 28th.  I won’t be walking this year, but if you want to see the action follow #AFS2015 #LetsGoVIP on social media.


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  1. Courtney Hong

    you (and brandy) look fabulous in that dress! i was an editorial intern at audrey once upon a time and have lupus too.

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