Podcast 46 – Anna Gilbert Zupon

Podcast interview with my friend, Los Angeles yoga instructor Anna Gilbert Zupon.

As cool as it is to interview famous chefs and actors, some of the most special podcast episodes I’ve recorded have been with friends.  Today’s chat is with Anna Gilbert Zupon, who I’ve mentioned a ton in the last 6 years.  We often walk together, enjoy food together.  I even hung out with her parents when she and her husband David moved to Pittsburgh.

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Now that she’s back in LA, we talk about everything from their wedding and the infamous cookie table, pregnancy, plus, her mother Judy’s glorious garden.


Plus, hear the inspiring story about how yoga helped her (literally) find balance after a chronic illness.

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Check out Anna’s #followyouryoga project, and see where she’s teaching via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Feeds.  Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes/Stitcher, and leave a rating/review if you haven’t already!  Theme Music by Goh Nakamura.