TC Charton Glasses for Asians

If you’re Asian, you know that finding good eyewear can be a bit of a challenge in this country.  I blogged about this dilemma before – and I also reviewed TC Charton, the company that sent these frames for free.

TC Charton Eyewear

Above is the Orquidea, below is the Shaunee…

TC Charton Eyewear

…and the Nikki.

TC Charton Eyewear Sunglasses TC Charton They even sent a frames-only pair for me to wear on auditions.  Usually I have on contacts, but these allow me to immediately change my look (without being too blind to read my lines).
TC Charton Eyewear

FYI – the company makes it clear that their eyewear looks good on non-Asian faces too!