Kye’s Santa Monica

This meal is hosted.

Jeanne Cheng’s son, Kye, is the inspiration behind her first restaurant – a place where people of all ages (and dietary restrictions) can come together to eat delicious, gluten-free food that makes you feel great.


There’s plenty of meat options but I came with one of my favorite vegans, Leslie Durso, and we were treated to a bunch of non-animal options.

DSCN9251The smoothies/shakes are excellent (get the Caramelized Banana with Maca, you won’t be sorry), as is this warm Ayurvedic Drink with all kinds of greens, cashews, coconut oil, and salt.
DSCN9224Also way above anything I’ve ever eaten with Goji Berries before – their Kale Salad, ordered without cheese.
DSCN9217 DSCN9215

But really, what you come to Kye’s for – is the Kye-rito…


…wrapped up in either Romaine, Collard Greens, or Nori and stuffed with all kinds of goodies…


…Beans Taco (above), Vegan Reuben (below)…


…5 Spice Peanut…


…and the “Nahm Jim.”


They’re all glorious!!!  And there’s a special way to open them, too.  (Leslie was better at it than me.)


Jeanne’s the brainchild between all these gluten-free treats too – Kabocha (that tastes like Pumpkin Pie), Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spinach…


…and a Vegan Black Bean Brownie.


You can also grab stuff to eat n go…


…but I definitely want to come back for another lunch date.



3 thoughts on “Kye’s Santa Monica

  1. vegyogini

    Oh, my goodness, I wish SO much that this place were by my office so I could lunch there on the regular! Speaking of, I was eating lunch today at Veggie Grill and there was a guy who kinda looked like Abe and it reminded me that you and I still need to meet up for lunch or dinner someday soon!

  2. Larisa

    oiiiii, i’m so glad you blogged about this place… it’s next to my hair salon and i’ve never tried it but I must! Everything looks so yummmmm. i enjoy my own black bean brownies but that one looks heartyyyy/chunky/too good to miss.

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