#NEDAwareness 2015

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been posting about NEDAwareness Week since the day before it started – Sunday, February 22.  This year’s theme is Ambassador for NEDA for three years, in recovery for over seven, and have written enough about the subject to fill a book, there are still things I’m learning about eating disorders every single day.

Like…I had no idea…I could diet and not be considered anorexic.


I’ve already blogged about this before, but I want to address it again, since today’s theme is actually “Dieting and Eating Disorders.”  I think there’s this perception that if you monitor what you’re eating, you’re automatically headed down a slippery slope to an eating disorder (or you already have one).  This certainly can be true – and was, indeed, once the case for myself.

But what can also be true is the opposite – having a very ordered way of eating can actually help a great deal when you have an eating disorder.  Essentially, only YOU know the truth.  Only I know my weight is the same – I’m just a lot less bloated and have more energy/am in a better mood.  Only I know that I am never hungry, always satisfied.  Only I know that ordering 3 plates of greens (for Chinese New Year’s at PingTung) is how I balanced out the fried tofu/noodles I didn’t snap a photo of.  Only I know that very little time is spent obsessing over what I “have to” order/eat because the chef/PR Rep/the internet told me to.  Only I know that when I turned down the offer for cake at a birthday party, it wasn’t because I was depriving myself – it was because I had just eaten a muffin beforehand and didn’t feel like doubling up on sugar before a long day of work ahead.  Only I know that my relationship with food will continue to evolve/change, and only I have to deal with the feelings that come along with that growth.

I had no idea that I know myself better than anyone else ever could.

But if you’re struggling getting to know yourself (that was definitely an issue for me for a while – figuring out how much was enough for my own body) there’s a #NEDAwareness Tweet Chat today from 12-1pm ET.




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  1. Alissa

    Thanks for always keeping these discussions going, Lynn. I agree, learning to listen to myself and being mindful have been so so important, not just in terms of dealing with disordered eating but life in general.

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