Quest Bar

My quest to find more protein bars to eat on the go has been fulfilled by…yes, Quest Bar.


These sent me a whole bunch of fun dessert-y flavors, like S’mores (below)…

Quest Bar

….and – wait for it – they even have a PEANUT BUTTER CUP.  It’s pretty good, but for some reason I can taste the stevia aftertaste in them (but not in the bars).


Apparently, they also make protein powders, pasta, and chips!  And if you’re on a recipe quest, they’ve got some of those for you too.


I usually order my Quest Bars on Amazon (affiliate link) but you can pretty much find them at any grocery store – including Trader Joe’s!


2 thoughts on “Quest Bar

  1. Marie@ Nourish You Delcious

    As an avid reader of your blog, I always enjoy your product reviews as well as all the restaurant posts (since I too live in LA!) These bars look good and I have heard good things about them. I tend to make my own since I developed a really good recipe and now have 20 flavors, you may enjoy it since you like snacks for on the go. Here is the link to the recipes:

    🙂 Marie

    1. Lynn Chen

      I’m so glad you left this comment, Marie! Those recipes look terrific – esp. those PB and J ones.

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