Body Acceptance: Dieting after an Eating Disorder

Islands sent me a free gift card for Christmas.  I asked Sam and John to come along and help us spend it…


…on my favorite appetizers, like their killer cheese fries and chips/salsa…


IMG_3177 …and of course, their delicious burgers.
IMG_3189 IMG_3192 IMG_3194

I only ate a turkey patty wrapped in lettuce, with a side of steamed veggies.  I received a comment on Instagram that this looks like “an eating issue.”


As much as I hate to admit it – even though I’m not trying to lose weight – I’m on a diet.  I did order off the “Skinny” menu and it made me cringe.  For the last 6 years I’ve explained “The Actor’s Diet is actually NOT a diet” and that’s just not true right now, nor will it be until I’m done shooting this secret project in June.

I’m realizing I can diet and not be anorexic, the same way I can consume thousands of calories at a food event and not be bingeing.  Also, I DO have an eating issue – I always will.  I’m just thankful my eating issues are not how I identify myself anymore, that they don’t take over my life, nor ruin an evening out with friends.  I think back to those years of struggling, obsessing, freaking out, and none of that’s happening now.  I’m just eating the way I need to for my job.  I trust myself not to abuse myself – because I know that if my eating issue really escalated back into an EATING ISSUE I wouldn’t need someone else telling me that it was.  I’d definitely know.

I’m being honored this weekend at Kearny Street Workshop’s Celebrate Your Body Event; I recorded this video for them.  For me, “Celebrating Your Body” doesn’t mean rah rah rah everything is peaches and cream no matter what so lets eat those peaches and cream it means acknowledging the struggles, accepting them, choosing to work through it (or not), and moving on to what’s actually important – living my life.


11 thoughts on “Body Acceptance: Dieting after an Eating Disorder

  1. DessertForTwo

    First, I want to say that the person who commented ‘looks like an eating issue’ is whack. In what world is that a nice thing to say to another human?
    Second, I want to say how much I love your video!! It warmed my heart 🙂
    Keep doing what you’re doing, lady. I know how strong you are 🙂

  2. Jan Schifter

    you always look amazing and your words help me tremendously. As for islands, nachos and fries are the only things that I like there. I find their burgers to be tasteless. But that’s just me, your lettuce burger was probably good with some good mustard, a nice meal!

  3. rbrocks

    I don’t understand someone making that comment. Besides, maybe that is what sounded good to you that day. It’s YOUR body and you should put into it, or not, what YOU want to!!!
    Back to Islands,,,I always have the Big Wave with Cheese, no onion. Sometimes I’ll get their Tortillia Soup as well!

  4. Cindy

    I wondered if you would write a post about the Instagram comment. I saw it…Argh! We all do things for our work. You just happen to have a career that requires you to “diet” every now and again. Truth is, I don’t worry about you ever getting to that place where things are out of control. You sooo got this.

    The video is good timing as my body is changing so much at this age. I have to reshape my perceptions of myself as my middle age appears to have relocated to my middle. In my head, I’m still a skinny basketball player, but my mirror tells a very different story. Everything I knew about how I felt and how my body reacts has changed…and it’s a new adventure everyday. Life has a twisted sense of humor. Gotta roll with it. 🙂

  5. joyo

    First: You’re rad. Second: Folks who aren’t in our line of work often don’t know how physically demanding it is. Even the waiting between takes can be exhausting. Choosing to eat foods that give you more concentrated energy is just smart, because long hours on set can lead to drive-bys of crafty where, suddenly, the sugar is all there is. But hello crash and burn. I saw that instagram comment and was floored. You keep doing what works for you, my lovely friend. Trolls belong under bridges.

  6. Alissa

    Yup, you said it–trust. You trust yourself to take care of yourself and to make decisions that honor your goals and purpose. Always count on Lynn for some wise words about food, eating and body image 🙂

  7. Courtney

    I’m just getting to a place where I realize it doesn’t have to be all or nothing with my body and how I treat it. I don’t have to starve myself and overexercise, but that also doesn’t mean I will lay around on the couch all day and eat nothing but cake. Sometimes honoring my body and my needs takes the form of roasted veggies and brown rice for dinner, and sometimes it takes the form of a cheeseburger with a side of chili fries. If you’re eating a certain way for your job and you *know* that you are still honoring your needs, screw what anyone else says.

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