Podcast 44 – Billy Green (Wit and Vinegar)

Podcast interview with food blogger Billy Green (Wit and Vinegar) about writing his new cookbook Whip it Up!

Do you know Billy Green, also known as Wit and Vinegar?  You should.  He’s exceptionally clever when it comes to food/design and is also my latest podcast guest.

cookbook author, confetti, food blogger

Billy’s currently working on a cookbook, called Whip it Up!  So, of course, I have to pick his brain about that process.  He is photographing and writing the cookbook himself!  He already has experience from working with Adrianne from A Cozy Kitchen on her various publications.  You can follow along on his Instagram, where these photos are from.  That is where he is showing all of his recipe development and testing.

PicMonkey Collage

Recipes for dogs are in the book too!  Julius was so excited to get a sneak peek sample at the Pumpkin FlaxSeed Dog Treats.  (Update: I blog about that recipe here.)  Billy is also the founder of the uber-popular Popsicle Week!  Every year, hundreds of bloggers post their popsicle recipes and they’re hosted over at Wit and Vinegar.  Of course, that means there will be some in the cookbook too.  Duh!


You can also download the episode on iTunes.  Theme music by Goh Nakamura.