Podcast 40 – Parachute Home’s Ariel Kaye

How to make your bed like an adult with Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute Home.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m 5-years-old, going on 38.  That’s why I’m starting a new series on the blog, The ABC’s of… I’ll ask experts about the basics of things that “should be” basic.  I’ll ask questions like I’m in kindergarten.  For the first installment, I recorded a short podcast episode with Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute Home.


Here are just some of the tips she gave me, which I found seriously enlightening:

Wash your sheets every 7-10 days; at a medium/warm/cool temperature. Don’t overstuff the machines and use a low temperature setting. Take them out while they’re still warm/damp, and smooth them out.

Have 2-3 sets per bed and rotate – replace them every year to year and a half; or just get new pillowcases to refresh your room.


We also discuss how to fold a fitted sheet, how to put on a duvet cover, and what Ariel likes to eat in bed.  Listen to the episode on iTunes/Stitcher.


4 thoughts on “Podcast 40 – Parachute Home’s Ariel Kaye

  1. Cindy

    I like this new direction. There’s always stuff to learn and other perspectives. I never stop having “who new?!” moments.

      1. Cindy

        um…that should have been, “who Knew?!” :/
        I still like it. Hope all is well with you and yours. XX

  2. Amy

    The duvet tip is genious! Now, I can actually wash it without dreading it! Looking forward to more ABC episodes!

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