Stout Burgers in Hollywood

“Skinny Style” Burger Salads at Stout Burgers, a sports bar in Hollywood.

I’m learning something in the last few years.  I love salads.  Also, I love burgers.  However, I do not love burgers on salads.  This is a beef patty with Roasted Tomato from Stout Burgers in Hollywood.  On its own, great.  Juicy.  Tender.  But the greens underneath are drenched in an overly-acidic dressing which negates that enjoyment.


The cheesy fries, however, I can get behind.



I’m not really sure a bun would salvage the experience; when I take a bite from Abe’s veggie burger, the bread is a bit too stiff.  I will say, though, that our waitress was really cool.  And it is a good place to watch The Dodger’s game.  This is actually the main reason we went – it’s a true sports bar and there are televisions everywhere.

A podcast I really enjoy listening to is The Down and Dirty Kitchen.  The hosts are Kat Fiore and my fellow Wesleyan University alum Peter Cambor.  In every episode, they ask their guest what their favorite burger (on that day) would be.  Quite often, Stout comes up.  I don’t know if I came on an off day, but I do know I’m not a fan of their salad burgers.  Both in the name (“Skinny Style?!?” Boo!) and the flavor.


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