They Brought Hummus Into This House!

Once upon a time, long long ago, I had a real issue with binge eating.  And I wouldn’t keep anything in the house I could eat mindlessly.  Potato chips, cookies (duh) but also cereal, trail mix, and even carrots with hummus.

Abe and I were in the middle of a fight once – we had unwanted house guests, and instead of expressing, “I want them to leave” I whined, “They brought hummus into this house!”  He started cracking up, but I was quite upset and would not relent – I went on to list all the reasons why having hummus in the house meant they were terrible, inconsiderate people.

Today, I’m finally able to laugh about it.  My cupboards are stocked with snacks.  And right now, there is a helluvalotta hummus in this house.


Eat Well Embrace Life sent 8 of their flavors to try.  Yes, they make Carrot Hummus.  And yes, I’ve been dipping carrots into it.


Hummus is actually a fridge staple for me these days – I like to use it as a dip, a sauce, a salad dressing, and sandwich condiment.

My latest obsession – pickles and King’s Hawaiian Rolls.


I don’t binge eat this, but I eat it a lot.


Are there any forbidden foods in your house?  Nothing is off limits anymore, but I do find that the fridge/cupboards are much more empty lately, just because we eat out so often and I hate wasting food.

P.S. Today is National Depression Screening Day.


7 thoughts on “They Brought Hummus Into This House!

  1. Tamara

    That was so cute, Lynn! I was really curious about the post title. I’m glad you can laugh at it now. I don’t have any off-limits foods, either. xo

  2. vegyogini

    Holy moly, I want to try these! Seriously, all of them sound amazing. I used to have forbidden foods, namely peanut butter and ice cream, both of which are foods I could eat with a spoon and smooth over the top. “Needing” to smooth the top was an OCD thing and I would end up eating more than I wanted in order to keep the top smooth. I can now have both in the house, but it took many years. xoxo

    1. Lynn Chen

      Sounds like my “need” to wipe at the end of every sentence I would write in school. I wonder if that would still be a habit of mine – since I’m always on the computer!

  3. Courtney Hong

    Pickles and King’s Hawaiian Rolls?? Great idea! Ice cream and potato chips are two of my weaknesses. I’m also glad you can laugh about hummus now!

  4. Alissa

    Good question. I find that I just prefer not to keep lots of desserts in the house…I don’t think I’m afraid to anymore, but I do feel a lot better when I don’t eat sweets constantly, and I’ll admit it–my metabolism is doing the 30s downhill slide–and I have a major sweet tooth. If I really want something, I can just run out and get it…as opposed to wanting to eat stuff just because it’s here.

    That spicy lentil one is really good, we just had that recently. And I love your hummus story, I can totally see myself saying something like that and my hubs bursting into laughter 😉

    1. Lynn Chen

      I also love going out for desserts. Even with an ice cream maker in the house I’m noticing we need the excuse to leave for a scoop!

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