Podcast 39 – Jeff Meacham (Blackish)

Podcast interview with Jeff Meacham (“Josh” on ABC’s Blackish) about male eating disorders and body image.

My 39th guest on Jeff Meacham!  He is a great friend of mine, as he is married to one of my closest friends Christy Meyers.  We spend a lot of time eating together but never really get to talk one-on-one about food.  Jeff currently has two recurring roles on TV – one on The Thundermans and one on Black-ish.  He and I also tackle the serious subject of male eating disorders.  So grateful to him for sharing his story about bulimia.  I know it’s easy.


If you want to hear more of Jeff, he is often on The Open Sky Fitness Podcast.  He co-hosts this with his friends (also mine) Rob Dionne and Alek Lev.  Listen to the earlier episodes where he is on a lot more than he has been lately.

You can download this episode with Jeff over on iTunes, where I would love it if you could also subscribe and leave a rating/review.  Theme Music is by Goh Nakamura.

P.S. Reach out/follow Jeff over on social media @jeffmeacham.  He has a now-defunct blog called “Life off Pie” that is pretty hilarious too.