Podcast 38 – Emily Chang

Podcast interview with actor Emily Chang – aka my “twin.”

What a thrill to have Emily Chang on the podcast!  Emily’s all over this blog; we eat together, we act together, and we have so much in common that we play sisters in our short film Parachute Girls.  Emily writes, produces, and acts in her own material – she is one of my favorite people in Hollywood and I love her dearly.  Perhaps you can recall her fabulous wedding to Alex Rubens (which we discuss).

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Also in the episode – growing up Chinese, The Vampires Diaries, food on Airplanes and  in Atlanta.  Plus body issues.  Listen, subscribe, and rate the show on iTunes.


8 thoughts on “Podcast 38 – Emily Chang

    1. Lynn Chen

      Even better – I found several restaurants in the SGV that have it – let’s go w our Jewish husbands!

  1. Ellen

    Great podcast. It hit home as I have been struggling with more eating/exercise issues here in LA too. I think it is f-ed up how Hollywood is about weight. Terribly.
    I must add though, it is important to realize that eating disorders are ALSO biological and have to do with your genes, and it is important to realize it isn’t standing up to societal pressure to be thin that you need to do to overcome issues. It isn’t always that simple as I’m sure you know. At least for me, it is accepting that sometimes I may need more than just the ability to say “screw what the industry wants” to be able to stand up to the weird instincts that make me want to not treat myself right…things like medicine and doctors help too. I am rambling.
    I guess just thank you for making eating disorders more recognized so people suffering feel ok getting help! You are good peeps, Lynn!

  2. Alissa

    I know you posted this weeks ago, but finally got around to listening to (and really enjoyed!) this podcast. Glad to hear Emily’s take on Atlanta food…although I’m not a super fan of southern food, even in its modernist incarnations, we do have some restaurants that are really making an effort to be more local/fresh/farm-to-table, etc. I love Leon’s, though!
    Though she probably has recommendations from colleagues (would you call them co-workers? co-stars? anyway) who are familiar with the restaurant scene here, I’d be happy to recommend additional places to Emily…sounds like she is just down the street from me 🙂

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