Manhattan Beach Creamery

Excuse me, how is it already Thursday?!?  If you follow my personal accounts on Instagram/Twitter (@mslynnchen) you’ll see I’ve been pretty busy with work, and am still catching up from Labor Day Weekend – part of which we spend in Manhattan Beach.


Our Jack Russell Julius joins us for the trip…


…really want to go to MB Post, but we end up at Manhattan Beach Creamery.  So we can sit outside with Julius.  In these crazy chairs outside.



A lot is going on inside the store too!  It’s a colorful explosion of sweets.


First, there are a lot of fancy cupcakes…


…and also, the Creamwich Cookie Sandwiches look incredible.


I end up ordering us some Heath Bar with Coffee Ice Cream…


…and Banana Frozen Yogurt.  The latter tastes a lot like Yonanas!


Afterwards we take a walk all the way to Hermosa Beach, where I recognize this place from far away…



…if you are as obsessed with the show Beverly Hills 90210 as I was, this exterior shot needs no introduction.  It’s David, Donna, and Kelly’s 90210 Beach House!  It looks a lot less fancy in person.


2 thoughts on “Manhattan Beach Creamery

  1. Tamara

    Ooh, I love that building (and yep, was pretty addicted to the show back in the day! Still haven’t entirely gotten over my Jennie Garth girlcrush…)

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Me neither – as I was writing this post I saw a commercial for some house renovation show she has…and am tempted to order the channel to watch it…

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