Mateo’s Ice Cream and Paletas

Trying my very first Mexican Popsicle at Mateo’s Ice Cream and Paletas in Los Angeles.

I love that my dear Anna Gilbert Zupon lives in LA again – and we can go on impromptu adventures!  My Instagram Feeds have been blowing up with pictures of Mateo’s Ice Cream and Paletas – they have several locations; this is the one on Pico and Vermont.



Aside from Paletas (ice pops made from fresh fruit) they have a dizzying array of sorbets…


…and ice creams.


We were both Paleta Virgins…


…so we stuck to the Mexican popsicle.  I didn’t get the kind with cream or chocolate – I figured that was for next time, then a sorbet, then ice cream.  If I went ice cream on my first visit, I could never work my way back.




…and Nance (Yellow Cherry).  So refreshing.  And freaking fun.  The richness of the coconut is satisfying, and I don’t regret not ordering an ice cream at all.


This is one of those places that makes me really love Los Angeles.  We wander into a nearby bakery where I go snap-happy photographing all the different Mexican pastries.  It feels like we are going on a little delicious trip, and getting to experience the world.