Baba Bibimbap – Dong Bang Grill

We are visiting my father’s ashes today in NYC.  First, a lunch at Dong Bang Grill in Fort Lee, NJ.  The funniest part about it is that my Chinese relatives know NOTHING about Korean food.  I’ve learned a little, living near Koreatown in Los Angeles.  They are so confused navigating the menu!



I order a Bibimbap sans beef.  Not accustomed to all the meat I’ve been eating lately.  It’s pretty good – though I wish my egg is a little runnier.


I’m so happy my father’s resting place is at St. John the Divine Church.  I will say this about mourning – it gets better.  But it still stings.


I was so glad to see my father surrounded by such beauty!



See you back in Los Angeles!  Got an audition in Manhattan too, but heading to the airport soon after.



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  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    Hope the audition went well and that you had a good trip back to LA. The sculptures look breathtaking!

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