Podcast 36 – Ki Hong Lee (The Maze Runner)

Podcast interview with actor Ki Hong Lee from The Maze Runner.

My 36th guest of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is Ki Hong Lee!  Ki Hong and I met a few years ago during a play reading in Downtown Los Angeles.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to watch his career bloom and grow and EXPLODE!  He is currently starring in The Maze Runner. Here we are goofing off after the podcast interview.

Ki Hong Lee


The Maze Runner comes out September 19th.  He’s also in ABC’s The Whispers, and is wrapping a role in the Wong Fu Movie.  You can hear the episode/subscribe on iTunes. Thanks to Goh Nakamura for providing music!


3 thoughts on “Podcast 36 – Ki Hong Lee (The Maze Runner)

  1. Amy

    This episode was great! I’m oddly fascinated by men’s take on dieting and exercise. For them, it’s like a novelty, whereas sadly for women, we’ve been around the block a few times. Anyway, very entertaining!

  2. hydee templo

    It’s so entertaining and informative as well. How we change our diet not only to look good but to be healthy as well. It’s true, what we’re eating nowadays are full of crap. Keep it up Ki Hong Lee…

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