Brunch at Superba Food and Bread

Superba Food and Bread (related to Superba Snack Bar) in Venice, Los Angeles.

Funny – I just posted some old Superba Snack Bar pix to the new Instagram feed; now I’ve got photos from their new sister restaurant to upload.  Superba Food and Bread is on Lincoln Avenue – and it’s much more spacious!



Felita Wong treats me to a lovely Grain Bowl for brunch.  It comes with a Slow Cooked Egg, Pickles, Collard Slaw, Cashews, and added Avocado.  It’s really rich and comforting, yet not too heavy.



Felita says the place, menu changes a lot at night.  During the day I see a lot of people drinking coffee and nibbling on pastries.  There is plenty of bread too…


…but I’ll have to come back another time to experience them.  How good do these croissants look, though?


And these cakes!  Losing my mind.  I love it when I walk into a place and the first thing I see is their bakery.



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