Honey Ice Cream at Honeymee

Beauty and the Bees!  Honey Ice Cream at Honeymee in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Today I’m attending a little blogger lady date (with Sara, Leah, Natalie, Christine, JoanneAnn) organized by Nastassia Johnson.  We are meeting up at Honeymee in Koreatown, where they make honey ice cream.

Honeymee Koreatown Los Angeles

As you can see, there’s raw, natural pure honeycomb…



…that you can add to your cup or cone of ice cream.  They don’t add flavors to it, so they call it “true milk ice cream.”



Maybe the honeycomb is why we have to move our location a few times.  LIVE BEES ARE ATTACKING US!  The people on line at The Boiling Crab restaurant next door are laughing at all of us.


I stick to a plain flavor…


…the menu is small, but you can get pretty fancy.  This is the Babee, which is a sweet bun with ice cream and honey on top.


You also have the option of adding Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, French sea salt sprinkles, granola, a liquid honey swirl or an Affogato with coffee on top.

Though I have a lot of fun with my honeys, I won’t be revisiting.  The ice cream alone isn’t worth it – the parking’s a pain, and I’m allergic to stings.  Buzz kill.  But maybe I will try one of their other Los Angeles locations in Little Tokyo, or on Sawtelle.