Ice Blended and Branned

I was treated to some Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Larchmont…


…where I worked my way through a giant Honey Raisin Bran Muffin and cup of chamomile.


My dates DID actually drink coffee – this is their new Iced Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors…


…and two other recent additions to the summer menu – Mud Pie and Caramel Brownie Iced Blended drinks.



Abe’s latest BuzzFeed video is out!  I didn’t help him shoot it, but my brain is responsible for (almost) everything that worked.

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2 thoughts on “Ice Blended and Branned

  1. Cortney

    I love my waffle iron! And you can actually make brownies in them. Just whip up a box mix as directed and pout onto the griddle.

    I love using brownie waffles to make homemade ice cream sandwiches! yum!

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