Larabar makes Granola now!


Actually, it’s grain-free, so they’re calling it “Renola.”  Which makes me sing the Ricola song in my head every time I open a sample…probably not their intention.


I prefer more clumps, personally – but who knows if that’s even possible with a vegan granola…


…ordinarily this plum would’ve gone on top, but I’m too lazy to cut it.  So now it’s a yogurt chaser.


  • Vegyogini

    Clumpy vegan granola is totally possible! I make a delish homemade clumpy granola myself. :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      I would love that recipe!

  • Ami@NaiveCookCooks

    I am myself a sucker for clumpy granolas but I love homemade versions way better!! Haha funny name “renola”!!