Larabar Renola – Reinventing Granola

Larabra Renola Granola review –  trail mix meets grain-free granola.

Larabar makes granola now!  Actually, it’s grain-free, so they’re calling it Renola.  They send a few samples in the mail to review.


The Renola comes in flavors like Cinnamon Nut, Berry, and Chocolate, which I add to my bowl of yogurt this morning.


I prefer more clumps, personally – but who knows if that’s even possible with a vegan granola…


…ordinarily this plum would’ve gone on top, but I’m too lazy to cut it.  So I’m using it as a yogurt chaser.


All in all I think it’s just okay.  I’m not grain-free or vegan so I prefer myself a clumpier granola made from oats and egg whites.  Larabars are one of my favorite products though, so I’m a little disappointed.

And now I have the “Ricola” song in my head every time I open a sample…probably not their intention.


3 thoughts on “Larabar Renola – Reinventing Granola

  1. Vegyogini

    Clumpy vegan granola is totally possible! I make a delish homemade clumpy granola myself. 🙂

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