I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke

…so you could try these two recipes!


We have a few cans of Regular Coca-Cola in the fridge from a BuzzFeed shoot. I still have residual eating disorder issues re: drinking calories (I can’t even suck down a smoothie without doing deep breathing exercises) but I’m totally fine eating them. That’s why I whipped up this beauty…


…which (WARNING!!!) rises a lot and caused quite a mess in one of the loaves. But boy oh boy, it makes some stellar Banana Bread.


With more soda, I whipped up this BBQ Sauce...


…and served it on Tofu with Rice.


Coke or Pepsi?

  • http://wildbluewonder.wordpress.com Tamara

    Looks so good! The tofu, too.

    Coke. (Diet or Zero to be exact, please.) Was raised on Pepsi but I discovered the joy of Coke in undergrad. I used to drink the sugary stuff, but now it’s too sweet (and makes my teeth feel fuzzy). So I go for no-cal soft drinks, now, horror stories be damned!

  • http://squigglefloey.wordpress.com Floey

    Used to be pepsi, but after stopping diet pepsi for awhile and trying it again I’ll have to say coke….I guess taste changes with age?

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