Lyfe Kitchen

I’ve heard a lot about Lyfe Kitchen – health-conscious fast food, founded by past McDonald’s execs – with Oprah’s favorite chefs, Art Smith and Tal Ronnen designing the menu…


…had a lunch meeting with Lela and Diane, so we decided on their Culver City location.



Choose from several dietary-specific menus


…all labeled with calorie counts. Personally not into that – and find it can be triggering – so I didn’t pour over every aspect of the menu like I usually do.


Wound up ordering a Gluten-Free Kale Caesar Salad without parmesan…


…and added grilled chicken.


My lunch dates enjoyed their “Lyfe Waters” – Cucumber Mint and Ginger Mint Chia…


…Barramundi Noodle Bowl (sustainably raised sea bass with soba, mushrooms, scallions, edamame, kimchi broth)…


…and Grass-Fed Steak with roasted potatoes/tomatoes, caramelized onions, + garlic-parsley jus.



There are tons of non-meat options as well – Tal Ronnen is, after all, responsible for Crossroads (one of my favorite vegan lunch spots). For the money/time spent (it’s not anywhere near as cheap/quick as McDonald’s) I’d rather go to Tender Greens, Akasha, or Native Foods across the street – but I do appreciate the concept and hope it continues to improve/grow to its full, Lyfe-ly potential.

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  1. Vegyogini

    I agree; Lyfe is pretty eh and I’d rather go to Native Foods if I were in that area. The Akasha menu looks interesting, too.

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