Guisados Echo Park

Abe and I haven’t stopped talking about Guisados Echo Park since we went last Monday.  This is some of the best Mexican food in Los Angeles, maybe the best Mexican food we have ever eaten.  And that’s including IN Mexico.


The original location is in Boyle Heights.  Open there since 2010, Guisados means “stew” in Spanish…


…that’s exactly what’s on the menu – a bunch of braised, slow-cooked options.  Everything from tender Steak and Chicken.  And there are plenty of vegetarian options.


They serve it all on perfect, homemade corn tortillas.  Actually, I once went to a baby shower where they bought a bunch of these for their buffet.  Good to know if you ever want to serve some killer tacos at your next party but can’t afford a caterer.


I get the divine Chicken Mole Poblano.  It is juicy and bursting with flavor.  Of course, it is swimming in sauce but not too much.  It is the perfect amount.


I also sample all three of Abe’s vegetarian picks.  There’s the Calabacitas, which is a type of squash.  It is fresh and not too mushy.  The second one is Frijol con Queso – mashed (not mushy) beans and cheese.  Finally, the most unique Quesadilla we have ever eaten.  It is simply a block of grilled Queso Panela with Chipotle Crema.  It kind of reminds me of string cheese because it’s so thick, but with a much richer flavor, like Haloumi.


There is a cute spot to linger outdoors, by the mural and lights.  Though the service is so quick – we are in/out of there in 15 minutes and I kinda love that.


Update: They now have locations all over Los Angeles – check out my post about Guisados West Hollywood!


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