Canter’s Pickles to Go – In a Pickle

We bought Canter’s Pickles but they don’t come in a jar.  How to keep them fresh?

Abe and I really loved those free Canter’s pickles when we went there for Passover…


…so much so, we bought a few to go. Not realizing they came in a plastic bag. With no pickle juice.  What to do?  We don’t want them to dry out. And we don’t want to eat every single one of them, as everyone on Facebook seems to want us to do.


My neighbor Cesario suggests I put them in a diluted vinegar solution. So I fill a mason jar with about 1/4 cup white wine vinegar and water.


And now I’m happy to say, the pickles are doing just fine! From the day after, with leftover matzo ball soup…


…to more than a week later, when I added them to an after-Easter lunch.


Also in there – Egg Salad (Vegenaise, Mustard, Dill) with Spinach, Tomato, and Raisins.  Pickles in salads are the best – they add such a pop of flavor and tang.



Also happy to report The Actor’s Diet Podcast got a shoutout in Broadway World’s Podcasts for Theatre Fans list!  I’m going to celebrate by going out to Canter’s – but this time I won’t buy any more pickles.


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