Nothing Rhymes With Orange

…and yet, everything works with these shoes!


After raving about my last pair of Dansko Sandals, they offered to send me a current style to try.



These are the Tasha Veg Tan Leather style (updated note – NOT Vegan), in Tangerine.


I love that they add a bright pop of color – most of my wardrobe consists of neutrals, so I like something that screams, “I SWEAR I’M A FUN, HAPPY PERSON.”



And just like the other ones, they’re comfy! I started breaking them in at Cake Club, followed by a walk with Julius.  Two for two.

  • emily

    Oooh, these look comfy and chic! I want to try some like them. Think they’d work in NYC, walking everywhere?!?!

  • Tamara

    They’re awesome!! Also, now I have to go watch the Veronica Mars movie again!

  • Tony

    They are most cute!