Trader Joe’s Organic Pizza Crusts

Abe and I didn’t have a great experience with the Trader Joe’s fresh rice noodles.  But we are both giving a thumbs up to another new (to us) item.  Trader Joe’s organic pizza crusts can be found in the freezer section. I know it should be easy to form dough into perfect circles, but for us, it isn’t. If you need photographic evidence, just check out some past blog posts.



After 15 minutes of thawing (about the time it takes the oven to heat up), the dough is ready to be topped. We went with pesto sauce (jarred), Daiya Cheese Slices, and Cherry Tomatoes.



No pizza stone in this house, but we do have a cast iron grill pan!



Yum. You better believe I tore into that bubble!


All in all the dough is good, but of course not as good as the fresh stuff.  Still, this is a fast and convenient way to get some pizza with your desired toppings into the oven.  But honestly, I will probably just buy the kind that already comes dressed instead.  It’s definitely better than Boboli, but the quality isn’t that much better than a frozen pizza.


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