Podcast 30 – Jordan Belfi

The 30th podcast guest (yes, I’ve actually done THIRTY of these) is an old friend from Wesleyan, Jordan Belfi.

Jordan and I discuss everything from college food, to the donuts you see in the picture above.

This commercial also comes up, much to my delight.

Check out Jordan’s current projects, including The Millionaire Tour, which you can now watch on Hulu!

You can also download the episode on iTunes or Stitcher.


2 thoughts on “Podcast 30 – Jordan Belfi

  1. PJ

    Still drinking milk in my mid-thirties. Not as much as I used too, but I sure ain’t switching to almond milk (that’d kill me). Of course, I live in a big milk producing province, not vegan-friendly California…

  2. Rusty Hough Bader

    Thanks for having Jordan as a guest. Met him in 2009 working at a Fan Convention and he was a nice guy even when the spotlight isn’t on.

    We like cereal for late night snacks….with Cold Half and Half…..the creamier the better.


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