Joan’s Up At Bat

I don’t get mad often, which is probably why forgiveness goes down smoothly.


Joan’s on Third invited me back to apologize for the situation on our Anniversary; as a peace offering they fed me ice cream.


Salt & Straw is from Portland – this is the only place in LA where they’re scooping/selling it.


After sampling 4 different flavors – from Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons to Chocolate Brownie and Marshmallow Fluff – I settled on a seasonal cup, the incredible Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise.


Eaten on the go – the place was packed with a lunch crowd – but they gave me a gift card to try dining there once more, and a promise the same experience wouldn’t happen again.



5 thoughts on “Joan’s Up At Bat

  1. Tamara

    That is pretty darn cool of them! I hope it goes well next time.

    And I really doubt that Salt & Straw is available here in Michigan… but wow, do I wish it were!

  2. Emily

    That was very sweet of them…pun definitely intended.
    Obviously, they know that dessert is the best form of apology. (:

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