What’s New Pussycat

Abe and I are not doing too well lately. Along with his cast, he has a horrible cold, and I caught a flu. Oh yeah, I also cut off the tip of my finger…


…chopping sundried tomatoes for this dinner.


I’m seeing a new shrink, and she ordered me to treat myself out for dinner with my husband. We went to Cafe Gratitude, and I have to say it was the first time (probably ever) that I was feeling completely at peace there. Maybe because I’m appreciative for a place where the server looks at you with compassionate eyes, maybe because I’m starting yoga classes again (Liberation currently has a Groupon deal)?


I even pondered the question of the day – “What Strengthens You?” – over this salad.


Abe mellowed out over their Seasonal Grain Bowl, as well.


So even though we’re falling apart physically, mentally we are trucking by. Happy to have made two top 10 lists – and one where I’m at the #1 spot!


8 thoughts on “What’s New Pussycat

  1. Tamara

    Oh no!! Sending lots of healing vibes to you two. Those bowls look so tasty. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself with a nice meal out and some yoga. <3

  2. Diana

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about the finger! I’ve definitely been there and done that! :-/ Glad that CG cheered you up some! You Are Awesome, friend! 🙂

  3. Marla

    Sorry about your finger. I’m always afraid of doing something like that so I take a long time to cut stuff up. I wanted to write a friendly message since you seem a bit vulnerable today. I am diagnosed with what’s considered a serious mental illness, and have not been casual or friendly about talking about it. I’ve been more angry for feeling like I have to hide it and so many other things. I’m coming around to being okay with it all. Everything’s gonna be alright… Congrats on your blog success.


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