Wedding Guests

11 years of marriage with Abe today!


I’m actually shooting The Lees of Los Angeles, so we already celebrated at Link n Hops.  But I thought we could all get into a time machine and revisit our wedding.  As you may remember, we were married in a movie theater, and here’s the trailers we filmed/showed.

Oh, how time flies.  Life and love are precious.  (R.I.P. Daddy and Bubs.)  Here’s the ceremony itself!

Now you know why Muppets Most Wanted was THE PERFECT movie to see.  We loved it!


9 thoughts on “Wedding Guests

  1. Z.

    Haha, actually I was reading an old post of yours ( like less than an hour ago and stumbled onto Abe’s Vimeo channel, and just finished watching the “Wedding Time trailers” and Wedding Time” there and realized today’s the 11th anniversary for you two… Happy Anniversary to you and Abe! 佳偶天成 百年好合~ 🙂

  2. Elizabeth @

    Aaaaah, this was the cutest! You guys are so creative. Happy happy anniversary to you and Abe! <3

  3. Vegyogini

    I’m a week late, so happy belated anniversary! Here’s to a beautiful lifetime of Chenwald bliss. xoxo

  4. Courtney of Savor Good

    Just watched Muppets Most Wanted last night – my husband and I loved it too!

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